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UTBA June 2010 Readership Stats

June was a kind month to us.  The beginning of the month saw a lot of productions opening in the state.  (At one point we even reviewed 9 shows in 9 days!)  We also expanded to southern Utah, which provided us with new readers in a different part of the state.  These facts—and others below—make UTBA an attractive venue to advertise your production or theatrical business. June gave us—by far—our highest number of visitors yet (2,014, which is up an astonishing 52.3%) and our highest number of web site visits (3,286—up 37.6%).  Average time spent on the UTBA web site is approximately the same—2 minutes and 21 seconds. The most popular reviews for June are I Am Jane at the Grand Theatre, Tuacahn’s production of Tarzan, Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet, the Spotlight Productions’s Jane Eyre, and the Egyptian Theatre Company’s production of Hair.  What an interesting mix of shows!  Shakespeare, three musicals, a historical drama, and two shows outside of our traditional readership strongholds of Salt Lake and Utah counties. In June, 69.4% of our visits came from people in Utah, which is lower than before.  The other states in the top 5 were California, Texas, New York, and Colorado, which combined provided 12.8% of visits.  In total, we received visits from 45 states, the District of Columbia, and 46 foreign countries during June.  June was interesting...

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Who’d have thought a little blog review would grow into this?

Wow!  We’re in the middle of an exciting time at UTBA. Cats and Tarzan at Tuacahn mark our first reviews in southern Utah.  We also just finished a whirlwind of 9 reviews in 9 days.  And (of course) our web site layout has improved recently, which has made navigating content, leaving comments, and browsing reviews easier. UTBA is still in its infancy, and—like any proud parent—we’re thrilled to share all of the site’s major milestones with anyone who will pay attention.  But UTBA can’t be a baby forever.  The site needs to grow and we need donations to fund that growth.  Since its beginning, UTBA has been financed by the creators’ personal funds.  While this has been helpful, it is not enough money for the site grow with while also paying for the increased site traffic, web hosting costs, and the costs of current services to both theaters and readers. Simply put, if you want UTBA to serve you better, we need donations for the near future.  Our current minimum goal is $100 by June 30. To meet that goal, we’re asking our readers to make a donation between $1 and $25. So that you know what you’ll be paying for, here are a few of our ideas for possible expanded content: More interviews of theatre professionals, performers, and other Utah theatre personalities Videos generated by UTBA, readers, and theaters...

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UTBA’s May 2010 Readership Stats

We’ve finished our fourth month with UTBA, and it has been a month full of changes.  After promising non-review content since the beginning, we finally added it.  We’re starting with press releases and interviews, but may one day expand even further to other types of content.  We’ve also made radical changes to the layout of the site.  Finally, there are new widgets on the main page where you can contribute to UTBA’s web site maintenance, browse new reader comments, and see advertisements and promotions for exciting future projects. Visitors Compared to April, May’s web site traffic was approximately the same.  We had a slight increase in the number of visitors (1,322, which is up 2.16%), but a slight decrease in the number of web site visits (2,388—a 2.45% decrease).  The number of pageviews is down significantly (just 6,612 in May), but this may be due to the easier navigation with the new web site design (because it now takes fewer clicks to browse around the site content).  Average time spent on the UTBA web site is approximately the same—2 minutes and 36 seconds. The most popular reviews for May are Hale Centre Theatre’s The Three Musketeers, the Academy of Performing Arts’s The Little Mermaid, Plan B’s And the Banned Slammed On, Ramona Quimby at The Children’s Theatre, and—finally—Wasatch Theatre Company’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone.  I am surprised by the...

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10 Questions: Kirsten Park, Director of Marketing

I first had the opportunity to talk with Kirsten Park (Pioneer Theatre Company) in the very early days of the UTBA.  In fact, she was the first of a few theater professionals that encouraged the UTBA to not be afraid to be honest about productions.  “We can take it.”  This attitude is one the UTBA hopes is shared by all of the theatre groups we visit.  It both encourages an increased quality of Utah performances and acknowledges a need for critical perspectives across the Wasatch Front. With great pleasure here is our Q & A with Kirsten Park! 1. What is your title? Director of Marketing 2. What show/shows are you currently working on? The 2010-2011 season ticket campaign, which includes : Hamlet, Dracula, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, Black Comedy, In, The Diary of Anne Frank, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard and Rent. 3. In one sentence, describe your job. Marketing and advertising PTC’s season ticket packages and single ticket sales. 4. What skills are necessary for a person in your position? The ability to manage advertising, hit deadlines, and communicate, on paper and screen, the essence of a live play. 5. What kind of training did you go through to get to your position? I’ve been in a different marketing roles for 20 years. Marketing is marketing. 6. What was your first job in theater? This is! 7. Why...

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10 Questions with Jerry Rapier, Producing Director

For our first interview on the the UTBA I’d like to introduce you to Jerry Rapier.  I first met Jerry a couple years ago when completing a project for my theatre management class at BYU.  He sat down with my group for an hour to go over the workings of a company like Plan B and then tossed us a couple free tickets to see Gutenberg! The Musical!, Plan B’s comedic interjection to the Christmas season that year. What has impressed me most about Jerry is his ability to build a community around each show Plan B produces.  Oftentimes that community includes not only the playwrights and actors involved, but local businesses, literary circles, action groups, politicians and media outlets.  They are frequently featured on Utah’s own Radiowest with Doug Fabrizio and have racked up an incredible number of local awards: 35 City Weekly Slammy/Arty Awards (2000-present) 13 Q Salt Lake Fabby Awards (2005-present) Equality Utah – Allies for Equality Award (2007) Salt Lake City – Mayor’s Artist Award (2008) Utah Broadcasters Association – Gold Award (2009) TEA of Utah – Organization of the Year Award (2010) So, without further adieu, here are Jerry’s answers to our 10 questions!   1. What is your title? Producing Director 2. What show/shows are you currently working on? We’re currently working on a free reading of Larry Kramer’s THE NORMAL HEART to kick...

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