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10 Questions: Kirsten Park, Director of Marketing

I first had the opportunity to talk with Kirsten Park (Pioneer Theatre Company) in the very early days of the UTBA.  In fact, she was the first of a few theater professionals that encouraged the UTBA to not be afraid to be honest about productions.  “We can take it.”  This attitude is one the UTBA hopes is shared by all of the theatre groups we visit.  It both encourages an increased quality of Utah performances and acknowledges a need for critical perspectives across the Wasatch Front. With great pleasure here is our Q & A with Kirsten Park! 1. What is your title? Director of Marketing 2. What show/shows are you currently working on? The 2010-2011 season ticket campaign, which includes : Hamlet, Dracula, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, Black Comedy, In, The Diary of Anne Frank, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard and Rent. 3. In one sentence, describe your job. Marketing and advertising PTC’s season ticket packages and single ticket sales. 4. What skills are necessary for a person in your position? The ability to manage advertising, hit deadlines, and communicate, on paper and screen, the essence of a live play. 5. What kind of training did you go through to get to your position? I’ve been in a different marketing roles for 20 years. Marketing is marketing. 6. What was your first job in theater? This is! 7. Why...

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10 Questions with Jerry Rapier, Producing Director

For our first interview on the the UTBA I’d like to introduce you to Jerry Rapier.  I first met Jerry a couple years ago when completing a project for my theatre management class at BYU.  He sat down with my group for an hour to go over the workings of a company like Plan B and then tossed us a couple free tickets to see Gutenberg! The Musical!, Plan B’s comedic interjection to the Christmas season that year. What has impressed me most about Jerry is his ability to build a community around each show Plan B produces.  Oftentimes that community includes not only the playwrights and actors involved, but local businesses, literary circles, action groups, politicians and media outlets.  They are frequently featured on Utah’s own Radiowest with Doug Fabrizio and have racked up an incredible number of local awards: 35 City Weekly Slammy/Arty Awards (2000-present) 13 Q Salt Lake Fabby Awards (2005-present) Equality Utah – Allies for Equality Award (2007) Salt Lake City – Mayor’s Artist Award (2008) Utah Broadcasters Association – Gold Award (2009) TEA of Utah – Organization of the Year Award (2010) So, without further adieu, here are Jerry’s answers to our 10 questions!   1. What is your title? Producing Director 2. What show/shows are you currently working on? We’re currently working on a free reading of Larry Kramer’s THE NORMAL HEART to kick...

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Upgrading the site!

All this week you’ll notice changes as we tweak the site to better serve our readers and the theatres we support. It’s a work in progress so please be patient with us. Tell us what you think and anything we ought to add to our wishlist. We welcome your...

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April 2010 UTBA Readership Stats

Another exciting month has passed at UTBA.  We had our first mention in the print media, expanded the number of reviewers, and reviewed 19 very different shows.  Looking back, we had a successful month.  After seeing the stats, we hope you’ll agree. Visitors The number of visitors to the UTBA site was down slightly in March.  We had 1,294 unique visitors (a decrease of 12.7%) making 2,448 separate visits to the UTBA site (down 14.0%).  We believe that this drop in site traffic is due to the fact that fewer shows were reviewed, and more of the shows were short run productions.  Visitors have viewed a total of 10,300 pages on the UTBA site (4.21 pages/visit or 7.96 pages/unique visitor).  So, although the number of visitors was down, the number of pages per visit is up significantly.  Average time spent on the UTBA web site is also up by 5.45% to 2 minutes and 42 seconds. The most popular reviews for March are BYU’s end of semester Divine Comedy show, A Flickering (where there was a lively discussion in the comments section), SCERA’s Les Misérables School Edition,  SCERA’s Once Upon a Mattress, and Plan B Theatre Company’s Amerigo.  By the way, this is the first time ever that two reviews of the same company have both been among the top 5 most read reviews in a month.  Congratulations to...

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We’re looking for reviewers right now in Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties.  Yes, we’re openly recruiting people to enlist in the UTBA “army” of play reviewers.  In other words, “UTBA wants YOU!” The UTBA is growing quickly.  But some areas of our growth are more robust than others.  We’ve kept up well with the demand for reviewers, but still we sometimes struggle to review all the shows that request our presence. Just like the U.S. Army, we are looking for more people, but we do have some qualifications for new recruits.  You must be at least 18 years old, be able to produce a review promptly, and have an engaging and interesting writing style.  Theatrical or critical training is not required (although it is preferred). During the process of reviewing productions for UTBA,  reviewers also are asked to introduce themselves to the theater staff, take notes on the show, and talk with audience members.  UTBA reviewers are asked to produce a review quickly after the show is complete–preferably the same night so that the production is still fresh in their memory.  Reviewers are never alone in the process, however.  UTBA administrators preview all reviews and give suggestions on how they can strengthen the final product. If you become a UTBA reviewer, we will attempt to match you with productions that best suit your expertise, tastes, and schedule.  (If...

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