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Hooray! Big changes coming to UTBA in 2018

Stephen Sondheim said it best: “You may know what you need, but to get what you want, better see that you keep what you have!” This quote is pertinent as UTBA undergoes an exciting period of transition that will make the organization stronger and better able to serve the Utah theatre community. What We Need Since UTBA started in January 2010, it has been run mostly through the energies of its founder, Dave Mortensen, and its managing editor, Russell Warne. Others have helped greatly along the way, including about 5 other people who have scheduled reviews, 3 other people...

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WAR OF THE WORLDS is simply world class

PROVO — Some people, when they hear the title War of the Worlds may think of one of a variety of media adaptations of H. G. Wells’s famous science-fiction novel, never out of print since first serialized in 1897.  Some may recall actor Orson Welles’s infamous October1 938 radio broadcast based on that book.  While his name is not Wells, playwright David Hanson’s theatrical adaptation of  War of the Worlds has the potential to make its own lasting reputation. Hanson’s play is not a mere retelling of a Martian invasion or re-enactment of a broadcast.  Rather it is the dramatization of the...

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Grassroots’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE is a visit to the past

PROVO — Grassroots Shakespeare’s production of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, a play with a mix of comedic and tragic elements and a political undertone, was strengthened by a stellar performance by Shylock actor Davey Morrison Dillard. The result was a production that made for a captivating and thought provoking night at the theatre. Grassroots Shakespeare began in 2009, and their mission is to perform Shakespeare as it was performed in his day. This means they have live music, little rehearsal time, no directors, lighting, costume designer (the actors chose their own costumes), and no fourth wall, which...

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History comes alive in CenterPoint’s 1776

CENTERVILLE — A musical that so often gets poor reviews for being too tedious has become an exciting live history course on the beginning of American independence in 1776 at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre. With music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and based on a book by Peter Stone and directed by Josh Richardson in this production, I saw a still life congress come to life throughout the long debate over the country’s future. Richardson does a wonderful job setting the scene with a costumed introduction, giving the audience direction to the “necessaries” with pomp and circumstance. Kristi Curtis’s light choreography...

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Feel empowered with CenterPoint’s STEEL MAGNOLIAS

CENTERVILLE — Every once and a while, there comes a piece of theatre that is poignant and comedic at the same time. When that show is found, you can’t help but feel special while watching it and thinking about it afterwards. Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling is such a show, and at CenterPoint showcased strong acting as well as great storytelling. Based partially on Harling’s real-life challenges, Steel Magnolias tells the story of a group of women who share a sacred bond and friendship that has grown from of the trials and joys they have faced together. Annelle is a new...

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