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Tuacahn’s THE LITTLE MERMAID has legs

IVINS — The classic children’s story The Little Mermaid, originally conceived by Hans Christian Andersen, is the story of a young mermaid princess who, although she apparently has everything, longs and reaches for something higher, something more. Through the iconic music of Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Glenn Slater, the audience is transported from the mundane human world to become part of her world. I have three daughters who were just the right age when the 1989 Disney animated feature came out. I got to watch that movie countless times, fully ingraining the songs and story in my mind. This the first...

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CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS is a sweet tale of growing up

HIGHLAND — There are Catholic school girls in Highland? Although I’m sure that there is a Catholic population in Highland, Utah, is just not a place where one would go looking for Catholic school girls. But Catholic School Girls is also the name of a play, written by Casey Kurtti, that is Highland City Arts Council’s newest production. Why should you buy tickets? The  show provides a brief glimpse into the lives of four girls as they go from first through eighth grade in Catholic School during the late sixties. As the play progresses, it examines national, political, and...

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Interview with Mindy Young, Utah actress and Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Evangeline Harcourt

UTBA: Start off by stating your name and what role you’re playing at Shakespeare Festival, please. Mindy Young: My name is Mindy Young and I am playing Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt in Anything Goes. UTBA: Tell us about your background and your training you’ve had to play this role. Young: Well, it’s funny—I acutally did this show in high school. So I’ve always loved this show and felt delighted when I got to be part of it. My training is actually in theatre education and directing. I have a BFA in Theatre Ed from the U. of U. and an...

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UTBA members’ WISH LIST FOR 2013

Last year we asked our members to provide a wish list for Utah theatre in 2012. The post was highly productive. Some contributors didn’t get their wishes, but others did. Megan Pedersen, the proprietor of and a then-member of UTBA, wished for a group of patrons that would see shows together and socialize before or after the play. That wish became a reality in 2012 with the creation of the Utah Theater Lovers Meetup group that sees a show together every month. Another UTBA member who got her wish was Paige Guthrie, who wanted more Halloween productions in...

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What’s it like to be a UTBA reviewer?

“You’re so lucky that you get to see all those shows for free.” “You get to go to Sundance to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? That’s awesome!” These are just some of the comments that UTBA members hear from friends and family when the topic of being a writer for UTBA comes up in conversation. Rather than ticket moochers sitting idly in the dark and enjoying the performance, UTBA members see themselves as a critical part of the theatrical process. As has been stated before, public feedback about a production is vital to the health of a theatre...

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