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Take a journey with your kids to see LITTLE RED

OREM — Well, the grandkids loved Little Red at the SCERA, and that is probably enough of a review for the average parent or grandparent. I took three of my grands in the 8-10 year-old range to see the opening performance on Monday. “What did you like?” I asked them. Their reply: “All of it.” “What did you not like?” “Nothing.” No big surprise there. Grandchildren are rarely theatre critics, and these SCERA adaptations of children’s stories are full of bright, happy music (though cribbing one song from Gilbert and Sullivan was a little risky). Little Red also features energetic dancing...

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CASH ON DELIVERY charms, but has delays

SANDY — Community theaters are constantly on the lookout for good farces, which can be hard to find. Cash on Delivery fits the bill. Since I first encountered Cash a couple of years ago, at Hale’s sister theater in Orem, I have thought it one of the funniest comedies around, and I eagerly looked forward to this production at the “Jewel Box” theater at Hale’s new complex in Sandy. Concentrating on the excesses of the British social welfare state (which has much in common with our own), Cash on Delivery features a feckless scammer named Eric Swann, who receives unemployment checks (or cheques),...

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