Author: Jocelyn S. Gibbons

Ancient Greeks get a modern twist in Westminster’s ION

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s not often that we get to see Greek theatre here in Utah, so Westminster College’s annual Classical Greek Theatre Festival is always treat. I’ve had the privilege to review at the festival just once before and as such, I went into this year’s production, Euripides‘s Ion with high hopes. I was not disappointed. Euripides wrote Ion toward the end of his life, around 414–410 BC. This play centers on a mix of characters who, unbeknownst to themselves, are all intertwined. Before the action of the play begins, Hermes gives a monologue of exposition. He explains...

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UCT’s HAUNTED THEATRE SPOOKTACULAR is a Halloween Treat for Little Ghouls and Grown-Ups Alike

SOUTH SALT LAKE — If you’re looking for a kid-friendly, Halloween-inspired activity, Utah Children’s Theatre’s Haunted Theatre Spooktacular is the perfect night out. So often Halloween events can become too scary for younger kids, but UCT’s revue-styled Spooktacular is filled with friendly, funny ghosts who aim to entertain, not scare. As the only “living” character in the play, Mr. Arthur Avalon (played by Zackery Western) is the charming master of ceremonies for the night. Arthur explains that he has invited talented ghosts to perform a smorgasbord of acts at the annual Haunted Theatre Spooktacular. Soon the ghosts arrive and the...

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Get ready to cheer BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL at the U

SALT LAKE CITY — I was in high school when the hit teen movie Bring It On was released in movie theaters. It was a spunky, fun, and somewhat silly movie all about cheerleaders fighting for the coveted national championship cup. And I loved it. Fast forward a few (ahem) years to University of Utah Theatre Department’s production of Bring It On: The Musical, inspired by the movie and filled with all the same hyper, juvenile humor as the original. Overall, the production is an entertaining night out, particularly for the teenager part of the psyche. Surprisingly, Bring It...

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Laughing’s More Than a Habit in Ziegfeld’s NUNSENSE

OGDEN — The Ziegfeld Theatre‘s production of Dan Goggin‘s Nunsense is the sappy, light-hearted romp you’d expect from the title. The story is ridiculous and simple: after a tragic accidental poisoning of fifty-two of their nuns, the nineteen surviving Little Sisters of Hoboken need burial money for the last of their deceased sisters (whose bodies just happen to be currently stored in the deep freezer). Five Hoboken nuns decide to host a fundraiser variety show, complete with solos, group numbers, a pop quiz, and even dancing. They don’t worry about the set as the eighth-graders at the nuns’ school, Mt. Saint Helen’s,...

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UTBA reviewers sound off: EXCELLENCE in 2015

At the end of every year at UTBA we collect our members’ thoughts on the excellent shows they have seen that year. And for the fifth year in a row, it is clear that the Utah theatre scene is vibrant, with entertainment options available for patrons of all types. Below are the shows that stick out in our reviewers minds as 2015 draws to a close. Excellent Professional (Equity) Productions Who would have thought that a farce written in the 1890’s would still be belly-aching funny 120 years later? The Utah Shakespeare Festival’s take on Charley’s Aunt was phenomenal all around:...

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