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PIRATES! OF PENZANCE? is the very model of a modern dinner theater

MIDVALE — Interactive theater is a risky genre—audiences tend to either love it or hate it, with few on the fence. Some people understandably want to go to a show to be entertained and watch the performers from a safe and anonymous distance—actors onstage, audience in the comfortable darkness of their theater seats. This is the problem—and the appeal—of interactive theater companies like Salty Dinner Theater. Instead of simply being an uninvolved, hidden bystander, you are part of the experience, as actors sit next to you, talk to you, sing to you, even get you to do ridiculous things...

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Little pumpkins agree: CINDERELLA is magical

SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY — Watching The Children’s Theatre’s Cinderella and the Glass Slipper wasn’t all that new or life-changing, but in this case, that wasn’t the point. This wasn’t a show geared toward adults—we who always feel the need to analyze and pick-apart minute details. It was a show (as the theater’s name so blatantly explains) for children—and for that audience, Cinderella delivered. Reviewing a piece obviously not geared toward me as an audience member is somewhat of a challenge. I am not a child and consequently, much of my review comes from (maybe not so) covert spying...

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Take an emotional journey down the RABBIT HOLE

SALT LAKE CITY — Every so often a show comes along that sticks with you and even changes you as you continue to think back on it. Rabbit Hole was such a show for me, so much so that all I can think while writing this review is: GO SEE THIS PLAY!  If you want to experience a refreshing, real, heart-wrenching show that  somehow mends at the same time, see one of Rabbit Hole’s final performances.  This is one not to miss, though because of strong language and emotionally mature material, it is an adult show. Rabbit Hole revolves around...

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Centerpoint’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL is packed with holiday magic

CENTERVILLE — I adore Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. I see it every Christmas season and performed in it myself (once while I was 8 months pregnant—thank goodness for hoop skirts!). I love not only its story, but also the way it emotionally and spiritually impacts me. I go into a performance of A Christmas Carol expecting to have a transformative experience in which I, with Scrooge, evaluate myself and find the will to be a little more of what I ought to be, especially at Christmas. CenterPoint Legacy Theatre delivered with a musical production of Madison Square Garden’s A...

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A Puzzle Worth Watching: JINN & OTHER MYTHS at the Off Broadway Theater

SALT LAKE CITY—It is cathartic to experience a play like Zion Theatre Company’s portrayal of Mahonri Stewart’s Jinn and Other Myths. This performance does not just entertain, but also challenges you to analyze the artistic material and also yourself. The play itself is in an unusual format—instead of one cohesive piece, with one set of characters following the same plotline—it is instead three mini plays, each portraying a classical myth in a modern setting. First, Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”—a story that follows young Gerda (Jyllian Petrie) and Kai (Shea Potter) in a parable about good versus evil,...

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