Author: Kat Webb

‘Planet’ to see SLAC’s MERCURY as swiftly as you can

SALT LAKE CITY — Mercury, by Steve Yockey, is an absolute curiosity in the best of ways. I had no idea what I was about to get into when I entered the Salt Lake Acting Company‘s theater, but by the time I left, I wanted a repeat performance. Three separate stories intersect in a delightfully dark comedy, due to the negative effects of Mercury in retrograde. The first story revolves around two unhappy housewives that had previously sought satisfaction with each other in an illicit affair. When Heather (Brighton Hertford) decides it is time to stop, however, and return...

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Yeehaw! Sundance’s JOSEPH…DREAMCOAT is a fun hootenanny

SUNDANCE — I’ve never quite understood the phenomenon behind Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. While Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s music and Tim Rice‘s lyrics are catchy, the show always felt as more of a musical revue and less a cohesive narrative to me. There aren’t any real peaks or valleys in the story, and there isn’t much dramatic tension. Joseph is a lot of flash and not a lot of substance. Despite personal preference, I remained invested in the technical value of this show. There is no shortages of productions of Joseph within Utah, but fans of this musical are...

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No wobbly land legs for Herriman’s THE LITTLE MERMAID

HERRIMAN — We all know the Disney version of The Little Mermaid. A young girl finds unhappiness in her sheltered life below the seas, wishing to know more about the humans that live above. Her father expressly forbids any contact with humans, which only prompts the teenaged Ariel to seek the humans out more. When she helps the handsome Prince Eric escape a watery grave, Ariel decides to enlist the help of the crafty sea-witch Ursula to exchange her fins for legs, and strikes a bargain: get Eric to kiss her within three days, or lose her soul. The only...

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Creekside’s OZ has charm in its setting and its actors

CEDAR HILLS — In Patrick Shanahan’s Oz, L. Frank Baum is having trouble finishing up his inevitably-famous novel, The Wizard of Oz. But when a scraggly girl breaks into his house, he uses her to act out the events contained in his story. With the help of Dot and his housemaid, Bridgey, Baum is able to break through his writer’s block and find the ending to his tale. In the process, he helps the strange girl remember her home, and encourages her to find home just as Dorothy does. The setting of this theatre plays a critical role in...

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ANNE OF GREEN GABLES charms at the Covey Center

PROVO — I grew up with Anne of Green Gables. I remember nights spent listening to the audiobooks and falling asleep to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s enchanting words. The story was always a comforting one, easy to listen to and filled with personable characters that I grew to love. The Covey Center‘s production of Anne of Green Gables establishes a beautifully nostalgic imagining of this classical tale, and evoked a very cozy, very contented feel. Director Lynne Bronson managed to keep the production streamlined—no showboating, no excessive thrills. It was all heart, and beautifully centered on the characters. The play...

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