Author: Kat Webb

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE is a visual feast

OREM — Acting Up!, SCERA’s award-winning musical troupe comprised of high school students, took on the challenge of Gilbert and Sullivan‘s The Pirates of Penzance and oh boy, did they succeed. This comic opera tells the tale of a young pirate apprentice—Frederic—who has recently been released from his servitude to the Pirate King upon meeting his twenty-first birthday. The soft-hearted pirates are sad to see their friend go, though all too eager to send off the boy and his crone of a nursemaid, Ruth. Before leaving, the boy explains to the pirates that their reputation as fearsome buccaneers has dwindled,...

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THE CRUCIBLE still resonates today

OREM — The Crucible, as penned by Arthur Miller in 1953, is given apt resonance in UVU’s most recent production of this American work. Directed by D. Terry Petrie, I found myself drawn-in and compelled by the production, the various technical aspects working in harmony with the acting and script to provide a chilling and thought provoking evening of theater. Predicated on the events of the Salem witch trials some 300 years previous, The Crucible tells the story of a community gripped by fear and uncertainty. When Abigail Williams is rejected by her former lover John Proctor, the same man...

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A royal whodunnit at Poison Ivy

WEST JORDAN — Though initially skeptical of the idea of a “murder mystery musical,” I found myself pleasantly surprised by Poison Ivy Mysteries’s production of Shadow of the King. My expectations were easily exceeded by this charming production, and while some elements could use a little bit of work, the experience, overall, was magical. Arriving in the venue, guests were greeted by the characters, and introduced to the plot: The Good King Victor of Eltheria has recently died, and the fate of the kingdom is unsure. King Victor’s three children, Prince Garrick (Jake Wilson), Prince Valor, and Princess Eldamira (Jamie Denison), all have valid claim to the throne and each feel as though they merit the crown. Mananan (Criss Rosenlof), wizard and ruling magistrate in the King’s absence, elects to devise a series of tests to test each royal heirin order to see who is most deserving of this great honor. However, some dastardly doings and subversive secrets lead to the untimely death of one of the heirs! It is the audience’s job to figure out whodunit and why. While I was put off by the location of the venue, the Jordanelle Reception Center’s interior quickly put any doubts at ease. It’s a spacious setting that, though not particularly elaborate,  was still pleasing and did not detract from the play itself. Rather than to create a distinct barrier between...

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