Author: Maren Scriven

BRIGADOON is a lovely walk through the heather

DRAPER —  Brigadoon is a musical written by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner that has been around over 50 years.  The music is well known, and the story one that brings a person in to a world of fantasy and imagination.  What would it be like if for one town time stood still?  In the story, two American tourists, Tommy and Jeff, are hiking through the highlands of Scotland when they happen upon a town they cannot locate on the map.  Upon entering the town, they discover that the people are in traditional Scottish Tartan and that perhaps there is a secret to this town.  Moreover, the town does not seem to be like anything they are used to back in New York. What follows is a story of love, faith, devotion, and belief. The Draper Historic Theatre is in a small building in Draper.  I almost drove right past it, but when I realized where I was, I actually felt a bit of excitement.   Although seeing a professional production in a big Broadway house is one of the most amazing experiences a theatre lover can have, I am also truly impressed by small communities that work together to not only provide entertainment, but also to foster and develop talent with those willing to work at it. Walking in to the theater, I could hear traditional Scottish music...

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I’m in love with a wonderful production of SOUTH PACIFIC

CENTERVILLE — South Pacific has long been one of my favorite shows, so I was quick to take an opportunity to review it at Centerpoint Legacy Theater in Centerville.  As I sat waiting for the performance to begin, I enjoyed the Polynesian music playing in the auditorium, and spent some time admiring the set.  The stage had very realistic looking palm trees on the sides, and a beautiful backdrop of the ocean and “Bali Ha’i” in the distance.   I was impressed as well with the lighting that gave the illusion of a sunset, and the floor of the stage had...

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ALL MY SONS shows that we’re all connected

SALT LAKE CITY — All My Sons was Arthur Miller’s first critically successful play, inspiration for which came from a story he found in a newspaper after World War II.  Miller stated that this was his last attempt to try to make it as a playwright, before he gave up and moved on to a new profession.  The theatre community at large should be very grateful that All My Sons became a success, and that Miller continued to write plays throughout his life. The story centers around two days in in late August, 1947.  Joe Keller, played by Peder Melhuse,...

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DROWSY CHAPERONE is a wonderful escape

CENTERVILLE — Have you ever gone to Disneyland with someone who loves all things Disney? The excitement and the anticipation they build lasts for weeks before your trip commences. They plan out every moment of your trip, research when and where and how to make each moment magical as possible. Once you are in the park, they excel at making even the ordinary extraordinary. “Did you see the Mickey Mouse towels in the bathroom?” “I think I heard the janitor humming ‘It’s A Small World!'” With a person like that by your side, it is impossible not to have a...

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WSU transplants TARTUFFE to the New World

OGDEN — Tartuffe is a classic comedic play written by Molière in the year 1664. A play that is still being staged 348 years after its creation deserves a great deal of merit on its own. Tartuffe falls into the category of timeless plays such as the works of Shakespeare. As a reviewer, I was thrilled to be able to attend Weber State’s version of Tartuffe and discover how they had chosen to interpret this classic. The story of Tartuffe is one of hypocrisy, piousness, and greed. The story surrounds the family of Orgon, played by Rick Rea, and their...

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