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XANADU is campy magic

OGDEN — When I agreed to review Xanadu at Weber State, I confess I knew next to nothing about the show. I was aware that it was a movie with Olivia Newton-John in the ’80s and that was about it. I had never watched the movie, and thought I did not know the music, though I found I was mistaken on the second assumption. I had heard the movie was rather silly, so I never bothered to watch it. I was a little concerned that I would not enjoy the musical. Again, I was mistaken. The story of Xanadu...

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SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Legend Lives On

CENTERVILLE — CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s beautiful new facility that truly impressed me from the lobby to the friendly staff, to the beautiful stage and technological capabilities. Jim Christian, writer and director of Sleepy Hollow, first brought this story to life at Weber State University in 2009. Christian, the director of the Musical Theater Department at WSU, worked with composer Tom Edward Clark to develop Sleepy Hollow has already received an award for playwriting from the Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival, and the performance here at Centerpoint marks the show’s first non-academic endeavor. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a...

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DRACULA VS JEKYLL & HYDE: A spooktacular evening of comedy

SALT LAKE CITY —If you don’t know its there, you may rush down Main Street in Salt Lake City and pass by the Off Broadway Theater. Hidden in between restaurants and shops just near 300 South is an excellent opportunity to enjoy an evening of fun. Salt Lake City’s Off Broadway Theatre, more commonly called The OBT, offers fun original melodramatic comedies, as well as a improv troupe every Friday and Saturday night. The OBT prides themselves in offering “family-friendly original parodies, improvisational comedy, and other wholesome entertainment.” Tonight’s offering did not fail to meet those standards. The first...

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MUSIC MAN brings community to Syracuse

SYRACUSE — The Music Man, by Meredith Wilson, is an iconic piece of musical theater.   I never lived a world without The Music Man.  The video was a staple in my home, and when I was five years old my entire family was in a church production of the play.  The songs are as familiar to me as the street I grew up on. The story is simple.  A traveling salesman, a.k.a. a con man, comes to River City, Iowa, in order to start a marching band, enticing parents to buy expensive instruments, instruction books, and band uniforms.  While...

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