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THE OPPOSING WHEEL shows promise despite production faults

PROVO — What do you get when you take some Arthurian legends, mix in Christian and LDS theology, add a dash of 18th century Romanticism, and pour in some feminism? You get a unique theatrical experience called The Opposing Wheel. The Opposing Wheel is something we don’t get on stage very often: high fantasy. Its magic and legends work together to tell a story about the approaching end of the world. Written by Mahonri Stewart, The Opposing Wheel tells the story of Ether Kimball, a young LDS man who has strange dreams that drag him into a realm on...

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MAKING WAVES doesn’t cause a splash

[gss-content-box color=”yellow”]READINGS / WORKS IN DEVELOPMENT: We love to see new work developed by Utah theatre artists. On occasion, we are invited to performances of pieces (sometimes still in development) that are staged as a reading. These events differ from standard productions in that more focus is placed on the script, and less on the technical elements of the production. With that said, we’d like to shift the focus of our “reviews” for readings. More emphasis will be placed on the script and at the end we’ll comment a bit on the production. It is our hope that more...

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Insider’s scoop on BYUtv’s broadcast of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM

CEDAR CITY — I thought that this year’s crop of productions from the Utah Shakespeare Festival was especially good. In my UTBA reviews, I sang the praises of the actors, directors, designers, and the other hard working artists that have come to define the high quality of the Festival’s productions. For almost two months, I’ve told people about how energetic Romeo and Juliet is, how fresh The Music Man feels, and how moving I found The Glass Menagerie to be. But I especially loved this year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that...

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ALWAYS…PATSY CLINE is charming at The Grand

SALT LAKE CITY — I’m not much of a country music fan, but even I know the name “Patsy Cline.” Cline’s name is synonymous with a smooth silky voice that excelled at the country blues or a swingin’ country dance song. Before her tragic death in a plane crash at age 30, Cline recorded multiple top 10 hits and had sung at the Grand Ole Opry and several times on national TV. But Cline had a human touch that is portrayed in the show Always… Patsy Cline. Always is the story of Cline’s friendship with fan Louise Seger. Louise...

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Utah Shakespeare Festival: Why see the shows?

CEDAR CITY — There are many reasons to see live theatre. You may be attend a play to see a friend or family member perform on stage. Or you may attend a production because a group is producing one of your favorite plays. Perhaps you’re merely looking for a nice evening of entertainment, or you are looking to be emotionally moved or intellectually stimulated. In short, there are many reasons to attend a play. As the final installment of UTBA’s interviews with actors from the Utah Shakespeare Festival, I asked three members of the company why audience members should...

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