Author: Sara Claverie

The Off-Broadway Theater’s A NIGHT AT THE IMPERIAL is a flop

SALT LAKE CITY — A Night at the Imperial, written by one of the theater’s own Cody K. Carlson, is a slapstick comedy in the style of the Three Stooges. Though it had potential, the show was much better written than performed. A Night at the Imperial had such a need for perfect timing that without the majority of the movements happening fluidly, it quickly lost its luster for me. Hopefully the Off-Broadway Theater will produce this show again with a cast that is able to accomplish the task. My date and I walked down the big city sidewalk along...

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Sugar Factory Playhouse opens a memorable CURTAINS

MIDVALE — Curtains is an amusing and witty musical within a musical, produced by Sugar Factory Playhouse and West Jordan Theater Arts, and though Rupert Holmes‘s script is about solving a murder, the entertaining play is not any deeper than a sitcom. However, this musical was worth the time because of the clever and creative ways director Denise Gull and choreographer Kassidy Gull enhanced the original script. Curtains opens with the show within the show called Robbin’ Hood, a western musical featuring the untalented leading lady, Jessica Cranshaw. She is promptly murdered onstage and Lieutenant Frank Cioffi comes on...

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