Author: Zach Archuleta

Farmington’s ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is a safe shot

FARMINGTON — I owe a great deal to Irving Berlin. I auditioned for my high school theatre troupe singing Annie Get Your Gun’s most famous song, “There’s No Business like Show Business,” which propelled me to a deep love of theater as I became enticed by the chance to “steal that extra bow.” Farmington City’s presentation of Annie Get Your Gun continues the tradition and while not “everything about it is appealing,” it captures the beauty that is putting together a show and having that moment of success. This community theatre did very well in bringing out the best of their...

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JUANITO BANDITO still comes out shooting

GARDEN CITY – I have a serious problem. Having now seen two Pickleville Playhouse productions of Juanito Bandito, I think I need a mustache. With how much I’m enjoying these productions, it’s possible that UTBA will be skeptical about me wanting to review the shows in following years because I’m becoming a huge fan. The other problem is my wife is not huge fan of facial hair in general. Pickleville Playhouse is the place to catch summer plays in the Bear Lake area. Besides excellent productions like Forever Plaid, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and this year’s Beauty and...

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST finds a charming “Home” at Pickleville

GARDEN CITY — I love the classic film Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s funny, touching, magical and puts a couple of twists on normal princess stories with the Gaston-Belle-Beast love triangle. I also have great reason to love the stage musical version of this show. It is one of the few movie-to-Broadway adaptations that actually keeps the charm of the original and provided some new truly memorable songs, instead of weak fillers. However, I usually have had some major disappointment in the three previous times I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast produced. The one high school and two community productions...

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Breathtaking drama in WAR HORSE tour

SALT LAKE CITY — Early in the play War Horse, Albert is faced with a near impossible task. He must get his riding horse to plow a field. I feel beset with a small part of that type of concern. I’m supposed to write a critical review of Broadway Across America’s touring production of War Horse. The problem I face is I have little to criticize about this singular production. A life of watching theatre and studying it in college only left me describing the production as a fantastic merging of a multitude of theatrical tenets to create an experience...

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New PRIDE & PREJUDICE at BYU exudes charm and wit

PROVO — There is something special about Pride and Prejudice. It seems to have a timeless resonance in our society and our personal lives. My sisters forced me to watch the five-hour A&E version when I was a doubting teenager. This proved advantageous, as my friends would write letters in code referring to others as their “Darcy,” “Bingley,” or “Colonel Fitzwilliam.” I’m sure they weren’t the only ones to ever do this over the last 200 years. Melissa Leilani Larson’s new world premiere Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice at BYU has been faithful to the beloved novel, creatng a charming...

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